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During the recent civil war the Vanni region was adversely affected; especially women and children. Many young women lost their husband, children and or parents. Now many widows are living alone or alone with their children. Some are living without protection. Their key concerns and obstacles are social stigma, economic disadvantage, low health resources and mental stress. The combination of these issues and obstacles has weakened their struggling community. They have limited employment opportunities, lack of education for their children, injuries caused by war and lack of medical intervention, no mental health care and sexual harassment and abuse. Another disadvantage for these women is their status in their community and the lack of open communication about abuse and harassment due to fear of stigma.

Blossom Trust in Collaboration with Kaveri Kala Mandram a registered charity organization under the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Sports – Northern Provincial Council, the Government of Sri Lanka to implement and deliver a holistic program that aims to empower the women politically economically and increase their physical and mental health.

This is a 2 to 3 year project aiming to bring up the several widows and their poor families to empower to be self-sufficient. Through KKM, we have identified Mayavanoor Village which is 10 km south east of Killionchchi Town. This community consists of 320 families originally displaced from the hill country during the 1983 ethnic conflict. They were displaced again during the recent war and ended in Mullivalikal and then in the IDP camps in Vavuniya.

Having lost everything including many of their loved ones, these families have returned to Mayavanoor. They are living under tarpaulin tents and make-shift sheds. The entire infrastructure of the village was destroyed during the final phase of the war.

Through KKM, we have identified 26 widows and their poor dependent families to empower them to be self-sufficient. The program is to implement and deliver a holistic program that aims to empower the women politically economically and increase their physical and mental health. We started this project in July 2014 and likely to complete this project by end of 2016.

Vanni Hope Mayavanoor Project Status As Of Aug 2015

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