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Mission statement

Enabling communities by educating children and empowering women. To empower war affected and disadvantage women to sustain their livelihood through increased local income and reduced external dependency by sustainable water facilities through coconut plantation & others plants. By strengthening and sustaining household income, the war affected and disadvantage women will have an increased opportunity to lead a more independent family life. We run holistic program to enhance the options for sources of income for the poor people living in rural areas and making sure their income is sustainable and meet a need of the family, so they can be self-sufficient over a period of time.

Our vision

  • The children who fear to hope before they enter our home should leave as adults with values, ambition courage and conviction.
  • Mothers who provide the rock of security and stability, refuge of love and respect to their children will be set free by vocational training and employment.


Since 2008 we have ensured all the children in our children’s home are educated and as a result six of them have gained admission to universities.

Education is the most effective way of empowering children to become self sufficient. Education will transform a child’s life. The benefit of education will also be felt by the community for generations to come. In addition to concentrating on education we also provide for good nutrition and health care to the children.

Unfortunately because of poverty thousands of children do not go to school, instead start labouring at an early age.In order to break the cycle of poverty and unemployment Blossom trust has chosen education of children as our main priority.



Improve job prospects and gain experience. Give time and help us improve lives.

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